Second Transnational Project Meeting

The second Transnational Project Meeting of EQUALISER took place in Leeuwarden, The Netherlands, hosted by Stichting Incubator. The partners met for the second time and discussed the project’s developments and future steps. They were welcomed by the warm hospitality of the hosts and besides the intense meeting hours, they enjoyed the picturesque city.

The partnership went through the communication activities with stakeholders and possible future participants in the project’s initiatives. The updated website was presented, and partners agreed that it serves as an effective communication tool for all stakeholders. The progress in the creation of the training material for both employees and employers was also noted. All participants actively contributed to discussions regarding ongoing development actions, initiatives, and future activities to advance the project’s objectives. Strategic initiatives to disseminate project updates, best practices, and success stories via podcasts were also discussed.

The meeting concluded with a collective reflection on the day’s discussions and a forward-looking approach. All participants unanimously agreed on the importance of continued collaboration and communication to drive the Equaliser project’s success.